Thank you to everyone who participated in our Random Acts of Happiness® Promotion; with your help we were able to donate $20,000 to the Big Brothers Big Sisters.® Congratulations to the our two category winners and remember to make random acts part of your day, every day!

Individual Winner of $10,000
Yolanda Fountain for “Joyful Power”
Riverdale, GA

Yolanda Fountain from Riverdale, GA has been dedicated to helping females who have endured abuse, neglect and complex grief through her work at a behavioral health hospital. She goes about each day with joy and a genuine smile feeling privileged to be able to show happiness to a group of adolescents who have been deprived for years on end. She fills her office walls with positive and affirmative messages to create a safe world. Each week, she distributes thank you cards just to show appreciation and has even gone as far as to use her personal funds to help celebrate others personal achievements. Her goals are to empower those who feel disempowered, create value in those who feel invalidated and spread joy infectiously whenever possible. She believes her position is a challenge and an honor as well as a passion that she intends to be her life work. Yolanda was recently accepted into the Counselor Education and Supervision Ph.D. program at Mercer University. Winning this money will assist her in paying for her degree and serve as a reminder of the power of joy and hope that it can bring.

Group Winner of $20,000
A Group of Leaders and Volunteers from Girl Scout West Central Florida Bartow Service Unit

A group of leaders and volunteers from the Girl Scout West Central Florida Bartow Service Unit in Bartow, FL submitted a touching story about their sister Brownie Girl Scout named Gracie, a girl born with Spinal Bifida. Her parents have provided her support over the years and continue to receive mounting medical bills due to multiple surgeries. Her condition makes it difficult for Gracie to perform simple daily tasks such as getting into a car. Recently, both of her parents became unable lift her due to back problems which has kept her from attending summer camp or venturing out with family and friends. The family does not qualify for assistance so the leader group continues to try and assist the family through fundraising and support. This is a story of hope allowing her sister scouts to do what is right. Luckily for Gracie, her disability does not have her and she continues to fight everyday to live a happy and healthy life. The money will be given to Gracie’s family to help them with outstanding expenses and to purchase a van to allow Gracie to participate in more activities outside of her home.